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Tome Hanks Posted A Picture On Twitter

Tome Hanks Posted A Picture On Twitter

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is no stranger to Twitter, often posting pictures of lost or discarded items such as gloves umbrellas amongst other things.

Tom Hanks 13 plus million followers went into a frenzy recently when the star posted a photo of a rather daunting building in New York with the caption “This is the scariest building I have ever seen WTF goes on inside??” There were numerous responses to Hanks Tweet, some quite humorous, a few examples were;

@tomhanks That is where nightmares are made
@tomhanks The national covfefe center
@tomhanks This is where fake news is written 😜
@tomhanks That’s clearly the ministry of truth as described by George Orwell in 1984

The building in question is situated at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan New York, and has quite the backstory. Based in New York’s business district, the 29 storey building has vents on the top of the structure, a satellite dish and what appear to be two sets of windows.

The walls of the building are made of pre-cast concrete panels with flame treated Swedish granite faces. Incredibly the building is designed to withstand nuclear fallout for two weeks and is self-sufficient containing its own gas, water supplies and power.

Built in 1974 the structure known as the ‘Long Lines Building’ used by the telecommunications company AT&T to route data between the US and the rest of the world. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden, and other documents which have been uncovered seem to suggest that the building is an NSA surveillance site named Titanpointe used for spying on phone calls fax messages and internet data.

Titanpointe is one of many so called code names linked to the AT&T Long Lines Building;

AWM: – a code used to denote federal agencies.
BLARNEY – A program developed in the early 1970s to mass-collect content and metadata from communications.
LITHIUM – The NSA codename for AT&T, which owns the Long Lines
PROJECT X – Not an NSA codename, but the working title for AT&T’s Long Lines Building

Conspiracy theories aside, the exterior of the building looks very creepy indeed.

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