Pasquale Brocco 31 an Arizona native has achieved something quite amazing. ‘Pat’ Brocco has lost more than 300 pounds of weight by walking to Walmart.

The story starts three years ago, when, on visiting his doctor the then 605 pound Pasquale was found to be suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure putting his life at risk. Brocco is quoted as saying ‘My stomach was down to my thighs, my chest was hanging down here, I was disgusted.’ That visit convinced Brocco to make a decision, he threw out all the food in the house and started from scratch.

Whenever he became hungry, Brocco forced himself to walk the mile to his nearest Walmart purchase his meal, then walk back home before eating it. Brocco would do this three times a day, every day. Changing his diet, he brought his calorie count down from 11,200 to approximately 2,000 per day Brocco’s daily meal used to consist of a box of cereal, 1/2 gallon whole milk, 1 package peanut butter cups, 1 candy bar, 12-inch meatball and cheese submarine sandwich, 100 fast food chicken nuggets, 1 fast food apple pie, 1 fast food milkshake, 2 litres soda and doughnuts!

Now his regular diet consists of the following more healthy options, 2 gallons water, About 20 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal, 24 ounces chicken breast, Green beans, 6 ounces ground lean bison, 32 almonds, 1/2 sweet potato, rounded out with trips to the local gym and pumping iron. Brocco recently underwent surgery to have over 30 pounds of excess skin removed.

Continuing his new lifestyle he recently posted on his Instagram ‘This journey is now a lifestyle. And I have no plans on ending it! Super excited to heal and start working out again to sculpt my body into my own masterpiece! Amongst friends Pasquale Brocco was once known as Fat Pat, but these days he is affectionately known as Possible Pat for his achievement.

Pasquale says he wants to set a positive example for his one year old son so that one day he also can become a Possible Pat. Pasquale Brocco is a perfect example for others, proving that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.